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Vanessa is your personal hairstylist

Vanessa Garcia does more than just style hair.  She uses her talent to enhance beauty. Each client she takes is treated to a friendly, in-depth consultation, and receives not just a haircut, but a style that suits them personally. Some of her specialties include coloring, cutting, and extensions. Her constant research into the latest trends means her customers are always in style.

Inspired by her life verse (Colossians 3:17), Vanessa seeks to do all things to the glory of God.


Tailored services by Vanessa Garcia

Whether a client needs help overcoming hair problems, or just a friendly face to help find a cut, color, or style, Vanessa sees each client as an individual and takes pride in helping find a look that stands out. The only touch a client will still need is a happy smile, and that’ll be easy after receiving the care and focus Vanessa gives every individual in her chair.


Vanessa works with Hotheads and Hairdreams. Whether a client is searching for extensions to achieve a longer, fuller style—or suffering from hair loss and anxious to rediscover pride in their hair—Vanessa will find and apply a product that works.


When a client seeks to spice up their style with some expertly placed highlights, Vanessa helps select the color, intensity, and volume needed for maximum effect.


Vanessa assists each client in discovering the hair color that suits their skin tone and maintenance needs—anything from a different shade of one’s natural color to a step out on the wild side.


Face shapes and hair texture needs may vary, but Vanessa helps each client discover the cut that makes them feel like their best self.


Vanessa uses this hand painting technique to create expert highlights that look as natural as hair bleached by the sun and last longer than other highlights.


Vanessa excels in blowouts and curls. Although she does not provide up-dos or bridal hair, she is happy to recommend a fellow stylist to help her clients achieve the look they need.


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“I followed Vanessa from her previous salon and am so happy to have finally found a stylist in the Bay that I can stick with!”

Danielle M.

“She took her time and used enormous care each step of the way to ensure my happiness, comfort and a perfect result.”

K A.

“I moved to the Bay Area from Colorado and was nervous about finding the right stylist.”

Sonia K.

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